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πDoc – Get Your Materials Here!

The πDoc is made up of three main parts. To make it you will need the following:

1. Motorola ATRIX LapDock

  • Make sure to get this model (SKU: 65242) as this is the one I will be working with.
  • Also get some 3M Dual Lock Strips. They should be around 1 inch in width, and whatever you get will be cut into 4 pieces that are each 2 inches in length – Note: This stuff is re-branded a lot, you are looking for stuff that looks like what I’ve linked to.

2. Raspberry Pi + Pibow + USB WiFi

  • I’ll admit, you don’t need to use a Pibow… Any small case will do.
  • The WiFi USB i linked is dirt cheap and uses standard Ralink drivers. Plus, you dont need a USB hub to power it!

3. Custom USB Cable/HDMI Cable Combo

This part is where most of you efforts will go. I’ve split it into 3 sub-parts:

  1. Micro HDMI Extension Cable (must be short ~30cm) + Female Micro HDMI to Male HDMI Adapter
  2. Custom USB Cable – Schematic still to be posted
    • Get a cable with a Female Micro USB and a Male USB head, and also get this cool Y-split USB cable
    • You will want some small heat shrink tubing (about 1/8 inch) and some larger heat shrink tubing (about 1/2 inch) – I used this pack
  3. The USB/HDMI Joiner
    • This sub-part is located at the end of the combo cable where it plugs into the πDoc
    • Get heavy-duty heat shrink tubing (1 inch diameter). The thinker the tubing, the more durable this end will be – If it helps, I used Black Polyolefin 2:1 shrink tubing for this
    • Buy Grommets – I used this pack
    • Get hot glue and a strong adhesive for plastics

Happy Shopping!

-Chris Gervang


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